Guiding the career path for PhDs and PostDocs to make them vibrant Industry professionals.

You are in the right place to kick start your dream career.

Who We are has developed and carefully crafted a clear and proven blueprint for PhDs and PostDocs to safely transit into rewarding careers from their current situations.

This community is not for people who doesn’t want to really transit into more valued, promising & meaningful careers.But if you need a decoded, definitive blueprint and a coaching on career path transition Aristocrat Scientist Community (ASC) is definitely for you.

Come & Join! Learn, network and grow through Aristocrat Scientist Community (ASC). Remember your value as a researcher and flourish successfully and lead a meaningful life of contributions.

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What we do

You are in the right place to kick start your dream career.

Brainstorming Career Ideas

Industry Job Guidance

Framing Your Skillset to Match with Job Requirement

We Turn You Into Confident and Successful Industry Professionals.

Framing Your Research Statements

Evaluating & Negotiating Opportunity Offers

Our Team


Aristocrat Scientist Community (ASC) is the World’s Largest mentoring destination to assist researchers in the following
a)  Phd Registration Guidance
b)  Academic Research Guidance – Technical Assistance.
c)  Fulfilling Career Path Guidance – Coaching
Get accessed to definitive career path blueprint and get mentored to achieve a fulfilling career. Get continuous 'Competitive advantage advice and Counselin' to transit your career to the bright side of life. Even if you don’t know where to start or cloudy about your career,

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“ASC is amazing and really helped me focus on my strengths when I was struggling to reinvent my career. ASC helped me stay focused on the positive things I could offer and see how much I really could do to improve my career search. I would recommended this service to my friends. ASC is very positive, energetic, creative and supportive.

Murugaesh Nayar., Ph.D.,

“I was in a work situation that really wasn’t for me. My motivation was at an all-time low and I even started questioning whether I belonged in my current career. That’s when fate intervened and I met ASC Team. Aristocrat Scientist Community was able to help me reconnect with my passion and gave me the tools and confidence to change careers and achieve my dream job which includes: Great manager, Great team, Great culture. Thanks ASC!”

Ashok Shinde., Ph.D.,

“ASC is an extremely personable. I first engaged with ASC late 2016 when I needed a little career direction and focus. What I received was so much more than I could have ever expected. ASC was invaluable to help me define my goals, chart my Research Statement and to provide me with tools that I could use every day to remain focused on what I wanted to achieve. Almost 4 years later, I still refer to my notes and I still bring to mind sessions I had with ASC. I HIGHLY recommend Aristocrat Scientist Community (ASC) – you will NEVER regret it.”

Nevatha Subramaniyan., PhD.,

“ASC was my mentor. Aristocrat Scientist Community not only gave me unique coaching ideas, but they invaluable insight into strategic planning was valuable to me both personally and professionally. Due to their support and coaching, I was got good job. This is a tremendous success and much of it was due to ASC support and coaching.”

Akshay Singh., PhD.,

“I never had a problem marketing someone else’s product or service, but when it came to my own skills – I would draw a blank. ASC’s expertise clearly positioned my skills, accomplishments and personal strengths to engage prospective employers. I now have my dream job, but wouldn’t have reached the next level without their insight.”

Ramakrishna Sharma., PhD.,

“I had the pleasure of working with ASC. Aristocrat Scientist Community is not only an exemplary leader for the Career Guidance in the Scientific Industry. They was a creative and encouraging mentor and coaching for me. I also highly recommend ASC for their integrity and professionalism.”

Rasmitha Lenka, PhD.,