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  • Statistically only 0.3% of PhDs and Post Docs are in their fulfilling careers. Others are either unemployed or in unfulfilling job roles just to survive.

  • Knowing the sad statistics, supervisors, advisors often end up in exploitation of the PhDs & Post Docs researchers into boldly venturing into the career path that are secretly awaiting into the career path that are secretly awaiting them.This loneliness, career loneliness is the result of all the brain wrecking studies.

  • The negative feel is now over. Get an opportunity to network. With top PhDs in industry. has developed and carefully crafted a clear and proven blueprint for PhDs and post docs to safely transit into rewarding careers from their current situations.

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  • Even it have no idea of what jobs are available, our coaching will provide you with knowledge on the job search and guide you through the process handholding you to the right destination based on your skillset.
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